Stand out with a Hologram
Advertise at the entrances
of Metstrade Show Amsterdam

Advertising as a Hologram is proven to bring more visitors to your booth and provides an easy conversation starter.

Limited ad space available: first come, first serve We are an official partner of Rai Amsterdam.

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The benefits of holographic advertising

Maximum visibility

You create visibility of your company in multiple places on the floor.

Guaranteed eye-catcher

Holoboxes are located at the entrances. As a result, you immediately attract the audience’s attention.

High attraction value

The Holobox continuously attracts the attention of visitors.

Innovative advertisements

An innovative and unique way to advertise. With the Holobox, we realize a realistic representation of people.


By playing your ad in the Holobox, people will recognize you on the floor.

Optional: 4k video conferencing

Use the live connection to be digitally present.

The investment

Advertise in the Holobox?

Would you like to have your own unique holographic ad? Then make an appointment now to confirm this! Also, for more information and answers to all your possible questions, contact us today.

Metstrade Amsterdam

During the show, holographic ads will be created that will amaze you. The Holoboxes are at both entrances, therefore every visitor will see your ad.


  • Crowd pleaser during the show
  • Unique holographic advertisement
  • The Holobox is 2 meters high
  • Applicable to all businesses

Video content

Ads for inclusion in the Holobox will be taken at the event location or in one of our studios. We do this with the help of a white screen, studio lights and a video camera. Our content creators are specialized in creating images that are optimally suited for use as a hologram.


Pre-recorded videos, in other words: pre-recorded content. You can continuously reuse one-time recorded content. The advantage of pre-recorded is that you can prepare and perfect your content.

The content being filmed is first edited digitally. We then convert the images into a holographic projection in the Holobox using software. This creates a unique holographic ad.

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