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The technology

86" transparent LCD screen

For a life size & realistic holographic projection.

20-point IR Multitouch

Operate the Holobox with an advanced touch system.

Built-in Bose speakers

Neatly concealed Bose speakers for sublime sound.

Anti Reflection glass

As little reflection as possible for the best experience.

Extended ports

Displayport, 3x HDMI, RGB (VGA), Line-out, S/PDIF, 3.5mm jack

Optional: 4k video conferencing

Use the live connection to be digitally present.

Plug & play

Despite the complex technology, the Holobox is surprisingly user-friendly: it is a Plug & Play system. Electricity and internet, that’s all the Holobox needs to bring holograms to any location.

  • Easy to transport with flight case
  • Only electricity and internet needed
  • The Holobox is 2 meters high
  • Fits (almost) every location

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