The revolutionary check-in

With the Holobox hologram technology it is now possible to realize digital check-ins with personal contact. With the advanced software, the box can be deployed at multiple locations at the same time.

This allows you to efficiently use your available FTEs and maximize the commitment of your employee with a unique experience for the guests.

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In de media

The technology

86" transparent LCD screen

For a life size & realistic holographic projection.

20-point IR Multitouch

Operate the Holobox with an advanced touch system.

Built-in Bose speakers

Neatly concealed Bose speakers for sublime sound.

Anti Reflection glass

As little reflection as possible for the best experience.

Extended ports

Displayport, 3x HDMI, RGB (VGA), Line-out, S/PDIF, 3.5mm jack

Optional: 4k video conferencing

Use the live connection to be digitally present.

Versatile and Versatile

The Holobox can not only be used at the reception but is extremely suitable for many occasions.








Host in restaurant




Your idea

Teleport from 1 location

Being able to operate multiple receptions with 1 recording set and thus make maximum use of the available FTEs. A hologram studio can already be set up in a space of 10 square meters.

Realistic hologram

With true-to-life 4k rendering, guests will marvel at the quality of the hologram. A real futuristic experience.

Want to see the Holobox in real life?

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